What We Do

LIFWG provides legal services provide assistance to woman who are experiencing difficult disadvantages and facing legal issues that include custody, relationship abuse, and violence. Our mission is to assist women and girls like who are suffering from the issues that includes:

Protection Against Violence

We provide intervention orders as protection against violence within the family, crime applications and issues dealing with violence and abuse.

Custody Orders

We provide assistance in issues with children’s living conditions and time spent with parents in terms of custody and access to guardianship. We offer child protection as well as operation with services of children protection duty.

Separation Issues

We provide assistance in division of divorce and separation issues. This includes the division of property after separation as well as access to financial counseling to woman struggling with financial hardship after a divorce.


We offer assistance that includes free legal advice through our counseling line. We provide useful advice and representations for women in Long Island in need of legal representation in defined circumstances.

Social Work Assistance

Our social work service will provide ongoing clients with short-term support and counseling as well as government information and services that include relations to legal processes and housing.

Financial Counseling

We provide special assistances to families in conflict with violence and problems relating to debt and financial struggles.

Legal Representation

We offer representation to women facing large barriers against justice. Our legal assistances play the largest impact in improving the lead to the legal systems.

Please feel free to contact us for more information here at LIFWG.org.