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4 May

5 Legal Issues Women Deal With & Where to Find Help

Despite the improvement in gender equality over the past hundred years, woman still have a far way to go. Today, women are still victims of abuse and harassment as well as discrimination in the workplace.

Here are five legal issues women deal with and where to find help.

Domestic Violence

Women are the top victims against violence, which is why they need legal assistance the most. Providing domestic care and protection against abuse is among the top issues that are dealt with today. A domestic violence attorney will assist female victims from the start of the trial, mediation, and child protection.

Sexual Assault

Among the top greatest threats to women is sexual assault and harassment. Many advocates provide resources that are made available to women who are ready to assist sexual assault. There are many rape, incest, and abuse network hotlines as well as international resources, and local counseling centers available to woman and children.

Divorce and Guardianship Custody

The most common legal issues that impact women are family law. This includes divorce, child support, and child custody. Women with low-incomes often request the support to grant child support from their estranged spouse. This policy is meant to protect the rights of women and mothers and a major scale as women can rely on the court to obtain legal support.

Gender Equality in Employment

While is it no surprise, women are known to earn nearly less than half of what men make with the same degrees and positions. This includes those of college degrees, doctors, lawyers, and college faculty. Gender equality covers the barriers of child care, breastfeeding, pregnancy, sexual harassment, and equal pay.

Business Ownership

Today, over 30% of women currently boast of ownership in businesses as more females are joining the Fortune 500 companies than ever before. Female-owners are also said to receive more small businesses approved loans and creating more job opportunities in America today.


Women should never have to suffer from discrimination and abuse. The struggle for equality must be raised by not a single woman but both men and women who are collecting efforts to equality gender relations and human rights.