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4 May

What You Should Know About Child Custody

When a couple is set for divorce, the decree will be written to specify where the children will love and under what circumstances of which the parent will visit the children. On the other hand, parents will try to work out the arrangements between the families voluntarily or with the help of their attorneys. When the family is unable to come up with an agreement, the court will make the judgment and decide on what is in the child’s best interests.

Here are the basics on what you should know about child custody.

Types of Custody

There are various forms of legal custody that will be agreed upon. In most situations, physical custody is given to one parent to care for the child most of the time. However, some families share their legal custody which includes the right to make decisions about the child’s religion, education, health care, and other issues that matter.

Other parents will decide to choose a joint custody agreement where they will share equal amounts of time with the child. The child may have one home base but will have the freedom to have visits whenever possible. However, this requires 100% cooperation between the parents.

Factors to Consider

When deciding on the custody agreement, the court will consider factors that will match the best interest of the child. This includes the wishes of the child, health of the parents, cultural considerations, stable environment, and troubles in the household.


Child custody is never an easy task for anyone. It is often regarded at the most emotionally painful part of a separation as kids will be placed in front view on who gets custody and visitation. The best results will come with ensuring that you are protecting your rights as the parent as well as the wishes of the child.