Welcome to LIFWG.

We are a Long Island legal organization with a mission to build the network that will provide legal services for women of Long Island.

We aim to ignite the communities of Long Island and transform the lives of woman of all ages through leadership, grants, education, and philanthropy.

LIFWG is dedicated to building a network of men and women who aim to improve the lives of thousands of girls and women to help provide the legal and financial support for organizations all over Long Island. We are known for providing support to organizations and programs through our annual grants. However, we go beyond financial support.

At LIFWG, we provide various programs to help serve the women and girls from Long Island. Our Programs include women’s rights, gender equality, financial stability, economic opportunities, and leadership development.

Our goal is to work and support women who are experiencing particular disadvantages in need of help in legal issues. We provide legal advice and representation to women and girls to live freely from violence and make informed choices.

Feel free to contact us for more information and to learn about how we can continue to develop as effective as possible.